Holden Rental Service

Servicing should be convenient and stress-free. That's why you have the option to stay mobile in a replacement Holden while yours is being serviced and attended to at your local dealer.

New models

Enjoy a car with low kilometres on the odometer.

Exclusive cars

We have a range of cars you can’t find at other rental companies.

Flexible loan periods

We’ll work with you to make sure the loan period suits you.

Business and fleet options

Choose between different options to fit your business.

Loan, test drive and evaluate a new Holden

Get to know a potential new car.

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Frequently asked questions

Where can I book a Holden Rental Service vehicle?

Please enquire with your local Dealer or go to Find a Dealer and search for Holden Rental Service.

What information do I need to book a vehicle?

You will need to know what date and time you would like to collect and return the rental vehicle and what type of vehicle you require.

If you are booking your own vehicle in with the Service team, you will also need to have your vehicle details available.

Do I need to book a vehicle in advance?

Yes, booking your rental vehicle in advance with your local dealer is highly recommended to ensure a vehicle is reserved.

Can anyone other than myself drive the Holden Rental Service vehicle?

Yes, additional drivers are permitted to drive the rental vehicle. Additional drivers must be present when collecting the vehicle to produce their driver license and sign the agreement.